NY Workers Comp Insurance Update: New Rates October 1

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new rates in New York for workers compensation insurance

The New York State Department of Financial Services approved a workers comp insurance rate change effective October 1, 2015. NY workers comp insurance carriers must notify employers 30 days before a rate increase or decrease so take a look at recent notifications from your insurance company concerning your policy to find out how this change will affect your workers comp … Read More

How Plumbing Insurance Protects Plumber Businesses

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workers comp for plumbers

Plumbers need plumbing insurance packages for protection against potential risks to company assets. Service mistakes or worker accidents can result in damages that could potentially drain your budget beyond recovery. Often, construction businesses choose to combine all their necessary business insurance coverage into one package. Not only do custom insurance programs streamline business policies, but plumbing contractors also find that … Read More

NY Workers Comp Insurance Protects Concrete Contractors

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New York workers comp for contractors

Concrete contractors face risk on a daily basis. Operating construction equipment, dealing with hazardous materials and engaging in repetitive motion while on the job can all lead to potential injury or illness. No matter how much safety training or personal safety equipment you provide to your employees, accidents will happen. If one of your workers is injured while operating equipment … Read More

New York Workers Comp Roofing Class Codes 5545 & 5551

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New York Roofing class codes

New York roofing class codes are some of the more expensive rates that NY employers pay. Because roofing involves a high risk activity, its exposure is higher than other contracting classifications and rates. New York Workers Comp Roofing Class Codes The two main class codes for roofers in New York State are: 5545 and 5551. The payroll of workers with … Read More

Workers Comp Class Codes for Restaurants and Bars

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workers comp class code 9071 & 9072

No matter what type of restaurant or bar you operate, you need workers compensation insurance to protect your business and your employees. The state system’s for coverage provide workers comp class codes for every business with each industry oftentimes having several categories in which to assign their employees. Workers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania share many of the … Read More

Workers Comp Class Code 5221: Concrete Floors, Driveways & Sidewalks

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Class Code 5221 Concrete Floors

If you’re in the concrete flooring industry, then workers comp class code 5221 probably applies to your operations. Understanding the definition of this classification code will help you assign your workers’ payroll to the right class and avoid any over or underpayment during the course of your policy year. Workers Comp Class Code 5221 The New York Compensation Insurance Rating … Read More

Classifying Workers Comp Class Codes: Why to Get It Right

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New York class codes for workers comp

Because every workers comp classification code is assigned based on exposure risk, getting them right can make the difference to your business. That’s because class codes directly affect your workers comp insurance pricing. Use the wrong class code, and you will either pay too much or too little for your coverage. A wrong classification could wind up costing you thousands … Read More

Workers Comp Law in New York: What You Need to Know

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Understanding workers comp law in New York is something that every employer and employee should resolve to do. This vital insurance coverage provides medical care and benefits to employees that are injured or become ill while on the job. Employers must pay for the insurance, and when claims are filed, the business owner’s insurance company pays the cost of the … Read More

Rochester Health Care Costs 4th Lowest in Nation

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group health insurance in Rochester New York

Hey Rochester, New York residents! Did you know your city has some of the lowest health care costs in the U.S.? No matter what your health insurance deductible, locals living and working in Rochester enjoy lower medical costs than a majority of New York and American citizens. A recent study using commercial health insurance payments to medical providers including hospitals … Read More

Equine Exercise Riders May Lose Workers Comp Insurance

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NY commercial insurance

The state legislature in New York may stop mandated workers comp coverage for exercise riders in the equine industry…at least coverage paid for through the Compensation Fund for Jockeys. Lawmakers intend to shift the burden of NY workers comp coverage from the Jockey Fund to horse owners or employers directly. The fund was originally established in 1990 to provide workers … Read More

How Do Your State’s Workers Comp Benefits Stack Up?

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workers comp insurance in NJ

Where you live can make the difference when it comes to workers compensation insurance benefits. The disparity between payment for worker injuries is pretty broad from coast to coast. For instance, Pennsylvania workers with permanent eye injuries sustained on the job may receive up to $261,525 in benefits from workers comp; however, Alabama workers with eye injuries unfortunately can only … Read More

Save on Workers Comp: Watch Your Class Codes

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Pay attention to NY workers comp class codes

Your business can save plenty on workers comp premiums in New York simply by paying close attention to your class codes. There are many steps NY employers can take to reduce their workers comp premiums; however, the easiest method any business owners can take is to make sure they are using the right job classification codes for their employees. Workers … Read More