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NY Workers’ Comp Code 5606 For Construction Managers

NY Workers' Comp class code 5606NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606: Who Does It Apply To?

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NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606 applies to project managers, construction executives, construction managers, or construction superintendents having administrative or managerial responsibility for construction or erection projects. Job duties, not job titles are used to determine eligibility for NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606. Employees who qualify for NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606 generally spend some time in the office and the remainder visiting various job sites conferring with the job superintendent or foreperson to keep track of the progress of the job. They do not have direct charge over the workers at the construction or erection site. Employees included under NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606 have indirect, not direct supervision over construction workers.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606 does not apply to any person who is directly in charge or is performing any degree of actual construction work. These employees are instead assigned to the classification that specifically describes the type of construction or erection operation that they are directly supervising or performing. If there is no separation of payroll listed, the employee is included in the highest rated class code. NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606 is not available for the division of a single employee’s payroll with any other classification.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 5606 Rate For 2024

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