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Patrick J. Ryder and Patrick W. Scanlon, both workers compensation insurance agents & experts, combined their 20 years of underwriting and commercial insurance experience to open Enforce Coverage Group. Since the very beginning, NYS businesses have placed their trust in our insurance agency to provide extensive knowledge concerning workers compensation laws and the New York State insurance industry as a whole. In fact, our clients depend on our ability to find competitively-priced insurance plans for their business needs.

We follow a rich tradition of providing cost-effective solutions coupled with unparalleled workers comp expertise to New York, Connecticut and New Jersey businesses. We primarily focus on the five boroughs of New York City including Long Island as well as Westchester and Rockland Counties. Our highest goal is to provide outstanding insurance protection, education and pricing to busy business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Executive Team

Patrick Ryder
Patrick Ryder | Managing Partner

Patrick Ryder oversees daily operations of new business and client relations for Enforce Coverage Group. He originally began his career in 1998 in direct sales with First Cardinal Corporation, a licensed third-party, self-insured workers compensation group administrator. In 1999 Mr Ryder opened the New York office for First Cardinal, and just a year later formed Hayes-Ryder Group. He continued consulting for First Cardinal where he was influential in establishing their Dallas, Texas office to train producers and underwriters.

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Patrick Scanlon
Patrick Scanlon | Managing Partner

Patrick Scanlon oversees the day-to-day operations and back office support of Enforce Coverage Group, LLC. He is also the founder, president and CEO of Scanlon Risk Management Group (SRMG). He began his workers compensation insurance agent career in 2001 with First Cardinal Corporation. After underwriting and producing a profitable workers compensation book of business, he moved to form SRMG Inc. Mr. Scanlon continues to work closely with First Cardinal on their CPA marketing initiatives.

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About Workers Compensation Insurance

NY State law requires that all business owners with employees carry workers comp coverage. A Workers Compensation policy protects the business owner in the event that an employee is injured or becomes ill due to workplace conditions or exposures. Unless the business is one of the legal exceptions, workers compensation insurance is not an option!

Employers with company employees must purchase workers compensation insurance to cover medical expenses and a portion of the injured employee’s lost wages. This mandated insurance also covers on-the-job injury resulting in the death of an employee, and the worker’s beneficiary receives a death benefit from the policy. You really can’t afford to NOT purchase workers compensation insurance….under New York law, your policy protects you from civil lawsuits resulting from workplace injuries. It also assists injured or ill workers who receive benefits in New York State: 100% medical coverage for the injured employee and 2/3rd’s of an employee’s weekly wage, not exceeding $700 per week.

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