Workers’ Comp For Day Care Centers Code 9059 Rate for 2024

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NY Workers' Comp class code 9059

NY Workers’ Comp Insurance For Day Care Centers Rate 9059

NY Workers' Comp class code 9059NY Workers’ Comp class code 9059: Who Does It Apply To?

NY Workers’ Comp class code 9059 applies to nonprofessional employees of a child daycare center. These centers provide daycare for younger children with a structured approach to learning social skills, language skills, and early reading. Some facilities may also provide before or after-school care programs. The children may be brought to the daycare center or taken home from the daycare center from their parents, employees of the center, or independent transportation services.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 9059 does not apply to elementary schools that provide services at the same location. Centers that provide overnight sleeping facilities for children are covered under class code 9015. Professional employees are included under NY Workers’ Comp class code 8869. Professional employees assigned to class code 8869 include but are not limited to teachers, salespersons, teachers’ aides, administrators and clerical employees. The rate for professional employees is much lower than that of a nonprofessional employee. Generally, nonprofessional employees are exposed to greater hazards and have the potential for more serious injuries should an accident occur. Nonprofessional employees assigned to  NY Workers’ Comp class code 9059 include but are not limited to drivers, cooks and maintenance personnel.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 9059 Rate Update For 2024

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