New York Baker Workers Comp Code 2003 Increases 7.7%

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Description: New York Workers Comp Insurance Class Code 2003 applies to manufacturers of 3 categories of baked goods.  These are (1) baked goods, (2) crackers & cookies, and (3) frozen baked goods whether cooked or uncooked.  “Baked goods” include bread, bagels, donuts, cakes, pizza dough, and tortillas.  “Cracker & Cookies” include soft pretzels, ice cream cones, matzoh, and toaster pastries.  “Cooked or uncooked” baked goods include frozen pies, bread, pizza dough, and pastries.
Who Can Use It:Workers Comp Class Code 2003 is applicable to bakery operations that include mixing, slicing and wrapping machine operators, salesperson, and drivers.  A bakery operation that has a retail operation on the premises where the baked goods may be consumed on or off the premises, payrolls may be divided into a separate sub-class for the retail workers.  Retail bakery and doughnut stores where NO BAKING IS DONE ON THE PREMISES are separately rated to Code 8017.
Pricing:Code 2003 – Manufacturers of Baked Goods experienced a 7.7% increase this year. This code has had a steady increase in rate over the last 3 years.
Who’s Writing this Coverage: NY Workers Comp Class Code 2003 Bakeries is a highly desired code by several carriers. Call us to get the best rate Click For Rates

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