The Definitive Guide to General Liability Insurance for NY Businesses

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An illustration depicting a confident businessman standing amidst a cityscape, surrounded by symbols representing protection, compliance, and risk management, suggesting the importance of having general liability insurance for businesses.

General liability insurance is very important for companies working in New York. It protects your business from claims of people getting hurt, things getting broken, and problems with how your company talks about itself. Without this coverage, one big lawsuit could close your business for good. Key Takeaway: General liability insurance shields NY businesses from costly claims related to third-party … Read More

Insurance for Fitness Centers & Gyms

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Workers Comp Insurance Fitness Centers NYC

Fitness centers are popular destinations for those looking to get in shape, and the owners and operators of these facilities are passionate about helping their members better their health. However, to best serve their members, owners of fitness centers need to address the unique risks associated with their business. The condition of your gym, trainers you hire, the types of … Read More

Umbrella Insurance for Your Business and Peace of Mind

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umbrella insurance

In a culture where litigation is commonplace, business owners have many more worries than making profits and retaining top employees. If your product injures a consumer, your organization could face a devastating lawsuit, exponential damages and a tainted reputation in the marketplace. To assist with the financial burden of a claim, many business owners purchase commercial umbrella insurance on top … Read More

E-Liability Insurance: What Are Your Risks?

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E-Liability Insurance & Cyber Liability Insurance

Internet-related liabilities are present whether your company simply uses email or is actively involved in e-commerce. Do you have the appropriate coverage?   Traditional comprehensive commercial general liability (CGL) policies cover many of a business’s typical risks: claims of bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury and property damage as a result of your products, premises or operation are commonly included. However, … Read More

Hotel Risk Insights: Recognize Attractive Nuisance Dangers

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New York premises liability insurance

Why does your business need New York Premises Liability Insurance – Property Coverage? An attractive nuisance is defined as a building, object or other areas that attract visitors who may or may not be welcome. These areas may not be properly fenced in or contain warning signs of their impending dangers. Attractive nuisance injuries can be quite serious, and sometimes … Read More

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Crucial for Small Businesses

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insurance protection for small business owners

According to a recent study, more than half of all claims filed for employment-related liabilities are against employers with fewer than 50 employees. Alarmingly, the study also reveals that not even 2 percent of small businesses have employment practices liability (EPL) coverage. High Price Tag of NYC Employment Practices Liability Insurance Employment-related claims can be extremely costly, especially in cases … Read More

Brewery Insurance: Coverage Insights for Insuring Craft Breweries

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Brewery Insurance New York

In the past 30 years, the number of brewers in the United States has grown from under 100 to more than 2,400. Of these breweries currently in operation, almost 98 percent are considered regional craft brewers, microbreweries or brewpubs. With this continued trend, insurers have begun to offer more effective brewery insurance policies to address the unique exposures faced by … Read More

How Plumbing Insurance Protects Plumber Businesses

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workers comp for plumbers

Plumbers need plumbing insurance packages for protection against potential risks to company assets. Service mistakes or worker accidents can result in damages that could potentially drain your budget beyond recovery. Often, construction businesses choose to combine all their necessary business insurance coverage into one package. Not only do custom insurance programs streamline business policies, but plumbing contractors also find that … Read More

Rochester Health Care Costs 4th Lowest in Nation

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group health insurance in Rochester New York

Hey Rochester, New York residents! Did you know your city has some of the lowest health care costs in the U.S.? No matter what your health insurance deductible, locals living and working in Rochester enjoy lower medical costs than a majority of New York and American citizens. A recent study using commercial health insurance payments to medical providers including hospitals … Read More

Why Commercial Insurance is Important for Your Business

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business insurance in New York

One of the most important investments you make in your business is commercial insurance. This vital coverage protects your company from financial losses. It can truly mean the difference between staying in business and closing the doors when claims, lawsuits or property damage exceed your budget. Understanding the various types of business insurance coverage will help you work with us … Read More