Rochester Health Care Costs 4th Lowest in Nation

Caroline VegaBusiness Insurance

group health insurance in Rochester New York

Hey Rochester, New York residents! Did you know your city has some of the lowest health care costs in the U.S.?

No matter what your health insurance deductible, locals living and working in Rochester enjoy lower medical costs than a majority of New York and American citizens.

A recent study using commercial health insurance payments to medical providers including hospitals and doctors found that health insurance companies paid less in Rochester. In fact, it states that Rochester ranks #4 in the U.S. for low health care costs. Using aggregated claims information and price of consumer care, the report found that Rochester patients averaged $73 less than national patients monthly payments of $336.

People with high deductible insurance plans for health made up a large portion of those paying less for their medical expenses. Learn more about the study of Rochester health insurance costs and how they affect you by reading the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle here.

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