Hotel Risk Insights: Recognize Attractive Nuisance Dangers

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New York premises liability insurance

Why does your business need New York Premises Liability Insurance – Property Coverage? An attractive nuisance is defined as a building, object or other areas that attract visitors who may or may not be welcome. These areas may not be properly fenced in or contain warning signs of their impending dangers. Attractive nuisance injuries can be quite serious, and sometimes even fatal, yet they are often preventable. Employers have the power to stop entrance onto their property to discourage trespassers from coming in and getting hurt. For you, this may mean putting up fencing around your swimming pool, posting “No Trespassing” signs or placing a pool cover on your pool at the end of each workday.

A swimming pool can pose a danger to trespassers at any time of year, as demonstrated in Bennett v. Stanley, decided by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2001. The court created the “attractive nuisance doctrine,” stating that property owners are liable for the harm of trespassing children. In this case, the pool was abandoned and needed repair when a child crawled through a hole in the fencing and fell in. His mother attempted to save him, though they both ended up drowning.

Whether pools are closed, unsupervised or full of swimmers, you must take steps to prevent trespassers from entering your property and harming themselves. Property insurance with the right type of coverages will help to protect your company, employees, and guests. These include coverage for owner liability and premises liability.

What is Owner Liability Insurance Coverage?

As the owner of the property, you are responsible for assuring that visitors, guests, and trespassers are safe and avoid injury. You need to take all precautions with pools such as covering to avoid accidental drowning, placing sturdy fencing around the area and display warning signs of pool hours. In addition, all safety equipment should be stored and locked at the end of each day to avoid trespasser tampering. Any other equipment that presents attractive nuisance dangers, such as water features, rides or heavy equipment, should also be adequately fenced off or locked down.

What is New York Premises Liability Insurance?

Property owners are also liable for the maintenance and security that the property needs so that it remains safe for all visitors. This includes the following:

  • Fixing cracks or gaps in walkways to avoid slip and fall dangers
  • Locking all hazardous tools, equipment, and chemicals away from the public
  • Ensuring that employees can conduct work duties without the risk of injury
  • Hanging floodlights in areas with low visibility
  • Hiring security guards for added protection
  • Installing rescue equipment, like ropes and poles
  • Installing alert devices, such as flashing lights, sirens, alarms and telephones to alert security that someone has trespassed onto the premises

With regard to attractive nuisance cases, negligence means that the property owner was aware that someone could get hurt on the property and did nothing to prevent it. Take all necessary precautions to protect individuals on your property, including purchasing New York premises liability insurance for your hotel or property.

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