Top Workers Comp Class Codes New Jersey

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Enforce Coverage Group makes it effortless to acquire workers comp coverage. As specialists in the workers compensation insurance field, we help our customers obtain the very best insurance policies and workers comp rates available .

Our highly-rated insurance companies provide a broad range of coverage options to suit the needs of small business owners. Because workers comp is our expertise, we have the insurance company connections and policy knowledge to help clients to get the best comprehensive coverage with the best pricing for Workers Comp Class Codes. We stand ready to support your company in this dynamic market.

Understanding Workers Comp Class Codes

Our site offers a wide range of information about workers comp rates by industry class codes. Since every company is assigned its own industry code and classification, it is crucial to make sure you are utilizing the appropriate workers comp class codes. Doing this will guarantee that owners avoid overpaying on their coverage.

Our clients include contractors, construction companies, dining establishments, resorts, variety stores, wholesale operations, truck drivers, trucking companies, automotive shops, manufacturing & more. Contact us to learn how we can help you with saving on your business insurance. We offer free workers compensation insurance quotes, and we will review your class codes to help determine if you have the correct classes for your business.

Workers Comp Rates

The minute your business has the correct class codes, it’s time to examine the industry rates of assorted insurance companies to discover which one satisfies your company budget and needs. We offer sample comparative rates for six key industries on our site:

• Contractors and construction companies– in every construction trade

• Auto Industry– repair shops, dealerships, service stations & car wash facilities

• Restaurants, Hotels & Franchises

• Retail Stores, Wholesale Trade & Hospitality Trade

• Trucking & Transportation Industry

• Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to your particular business type, visit our industry/trade pages to review workers comp class codes and rates according to your industry. We compare the state base rate with 3 different insurance carriers to give you a great idea of what you can anticipate to pay in workers comp insurance cost.

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