Uncompensated Wage Loss Report Issued by WCA & NYCOSH

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injured workers have not benefited from 2007 workers comp reforms according to Workers Comp Alliance Report

Employer Alert: In February, the wage loss report by the Workers Comp Alliance and New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health released results of the 2007 workers comp injured workers reforms. The report discusses how the 2007 reforms affected employees, and in particular, low-wage workers. It concludes that the workers comp insurance reforms did not benefit low-income workers, and … Read More

NY Workers Comp Insurance Update: New Rates October 1

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new rates in New York for workers compensation insurance

The New York State Department of Financial Services approved a workers comp insurance rate change effective October 1, 2015. NY workers comp insurance carriers must notify employers 30 days before a rate increase or decrease so take a look at recent notifications from your insurance company concerning your policy to find out how this change will affect your workers comp … Read More

Equine Exercise Riders May Lose Workers Comp Insurance

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NY commercial insurance

The state legislature in New York may stop mandated workers comp coverage for exercise riders in the equine industry…at least coverage paid for through the Compensation Fund for Jockeys. Lawmakers intend to shift the burden of NY workers comp coverage from the Jockey Fund to horse owners or employers directly. The fund was originally established in 1990 to provide workers … Read More

How Do Your State’s Workers Comp Benefits Stack Up?

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workers comp insurance in NJ

Where you live can make the difference when it comes to workers compensation insurance benefits. The disparity between payment for worker injuries is pretty broad from coast to coast. For instance, Pennsylvania workers with permanent eye injuries sustained on the job may receive up to $261,525 in benefits from workers comp; however, Alabama workers with eye injuries unfortunately can only … Read More

Contractors: How Does the NY Scaffold Law Affect You?

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Labor Law 240 in New York

New York contractors face a lot of debate and concerns when it comes to Labor Law §240, better known as the NY Scaffold Law. This statute places complete liability of worker injuries on construction company owners and general contractors, no matter who is at fault for the injury. History of the Scaffold Statute The original law concerning worker protection from which this … Read More

Buying Workers Comp Insurance in New York

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Buy NY Workers Comp Insurance from Enforce

Workers compensation insurance in New York is mandatory. This required business insurance supplies important protection for employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. The added bonus is that NY workers comp coverage directly benefits employees while also protecting employers from any potential legal liability associated with an employee that decides to sue for damages. Who Pays for Workers … Read More

New Years Savings for Employers: NY Workers Comp Assessment Rate Drops

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workers comp insurance assessment rate drop

Good news for New York business owners with workers comp coverage in 2015. The NY workers comp assessment rate will drop by .6 percent. The decrease from 13.8 percent to 13.2 percent may seem rather small, but the expected overall savings for all employers actually totals $45 million. So just how does the Business Relief Act help with lowering New … Read More