Buying Workers Comp Insurance in New York

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Workers compensation insurance in New York is mandatory. This required business insurance supplies important protection for employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. The added bonus is that NY workers comp coverage directly benefits employees while also protecting employers from any potential legal liability associated with an employee that decides to sue for damages.

Who Pays for Workers Comp Coverage?

Business owners with employees pay for workers compensation policies. Employers are not allowed to require employees to contribute to the cost of the business policy.

Workers Compensation Insurance Facts

New York State is a no-fault workers compensation system. That means that when an employee files a workers comp case, there is no determination as to whether the employer or employee is at fault.

Workers comp benefits are based on a set percentage so they are not affected by employer or employee negligence; however, there are specific exclusions to the no-fault system. If an employee is injured as a direct result of alcohol or drug use as well as if they are trying to intentionally harm themselves or someone else, their claim will be denied.

What Benefits Does Workers Compensation Insurance Provide?

Workers comp policies pay for employee medical expenses and lost wages when they become unable to work due to an injury or illness resulting from their employment. This vital insurance covers employees no matter if they are working from the company’s business location or in the course of performing work for the business off-site.

Disability Payments – There are two types of disability payments made by the New York system: temporary and permanent disability. Temporary payments go toward replacement of lost wages while permanent disability pays employees compensation for the permanent effects of their injuries.

Vocational Rehabilitation – In certain situations, New York workers comp insurance carriers may provide vocational rehabilitation benefits for employees that cannot return to their usual work. Voc rehab programs supply employee retraining so that they may secure a position in a new field of work when unable to return to their original positions.

Death Benefits – When a valid claim for employee death is made for workers compensation, a death benefit is paid to the workers’ surviving heirs or family members.

Employer’s liability – This protection for business owners covers the cost of legal representation for the employer and protects the business against lawsuits related to on-the job injury or illness, including any false claims of work-related injuries or illnesses.

Where Can You Buy Workers Comp Insurance in New York?

In New York State, you may buy workers comp from insurance brokers or agents that represent over 200 private insurance companies in the state. Enforce Coverage Group is one of those broker agencies that can help! You may also choose to purchase coverage through the public insurance company, the New York State Insurance Fund, which acts as a general workers comp carrier and insurer of last resort for those businesses that are unable to get coverage from private carriers. New York employers may also choose to self-insure or join a group association for self-insurance.

How much does it cost?

Workers comp premium rates are based on your industry’s class codes, your business loss history or record of past injuries, annual payroll and insurance company underwriting considerations. If you are purchasing workers comp for the first time, your rates will come from your company payroll and industry until you gain actual experience with coverage.

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