Money Saving Tips: Workers Compensation Insurance Guide

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workers comp money saving tips

Workers Comp Strategies that Will Positively Influence Your Bottom Line This workers compensation insurance guide offers suggestions about safety in the workplace, return to work strategies, claims management, and medical and legal considerations. Safety Program Goals Investigate near-miss incidents to prevent future accidents. Seventy-five percent of accidents are preceded by a near miss. Create a risk control service plan based … Read More

How Much is Workers Comp Insurance?

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workers comp insurance in New Jersey, NY & CT

A common question we hear from business owners is “how much is workers compensation?” And that of course is with good reason. Being able to budget for the cost of workers comp, health, liability and all the other expenses associated with running your business is an important part of what you do on a daily basis. The good news is … Read More

Will Minimum Wage Hikes Increase New York Workers Comp?

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NY Workers Comp Rates May Rise

New York workers comp experts are closely watching how minimum wage increases will affect workers compensation rates in NY and throughout the country. Employees and labor groups across the United States are protesting, writing to their political representatives and taking to the national media in an effort to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. While proponents of … Read More

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Workers Comp Costs for New York & New Jersey Contractors

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NY & NJ contractor workers comp

Workers compensation in New York and New Jersey for construction companies is skyrocketing in great measure. For some businesses, the costs have become almost unmanageable. Thankfully, there are a couple of strategies that businesses can employ in order to alleviate this matter. Three Tips to Reduce Workers Compensation in New York & NJ for construction companies 1) Consider Self-Insurance When it … Read More

What You Need to Get a Quote for Workers Comp Insurance

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Workers Comp Pricing Quotes

When you’re shopping for New York workers comp insurance, it can be challenging to figure out everything you need to get the right quote for your business. If you have an understanding of the process though, it will be much easier to get your paperwork together to be ready to go when you approach licensed insurance agents for pricing. While … Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Compliance and Costs

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Workers Compensation Experience Modification

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Compliance and Costs Workers’ Compensation insurance pays benefits to workers injured on the job, including medical care, part of lost wages, and permanent disability. It also provides death benefits to dependents of employees killed from a work-related accident. Workers’ Compensation insurance systems are different in every state, as individual statutes and court decisions have shaped the way … Read More

Workers’ Comp Quote: We Can Help

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Workers' Comp Quote

Workers’ Comp Quote: We Can Help Nearly all companies in New York State with paid employees are required to have Workers’ Comp insurance. At Enforce Coverage Group, we specialize in helping employers with their Workers’ Comp needs. We begin by finding you the most competitive Workers’ Comp quote by approaching a variety of carriers who offer Workers’ Comp policies. Not … Read More

NYS Worker Comp Insurance Rating System

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The 2008 NYS Worker Compensation reform brought about significant changes in the way carriers determine NYS Workers Comp rates. In 2008 NY State Workers Comp Board went to a loss cost rating system. A  loss cost rating system allows carriers to add a surcharge or LCM (loss cost multiplier) to the State recommended “Base Rate” for each class code. Therefore each carrier … Read More