Workers Comp Class Code 5221: Concrete Floors, Driveways & Sidewalks

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Class Code 5221 Concrete Floors

If you’re in the concrete flooring industry, then workers comp class code 5221 probably applies to your operations. Understanding the definition of this classification code will help you assign your workers’ payroll to the right class and avoid any over or underpayment during the course of your policy year.

Workers Comp Class Code 5221

The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau uses the NCCI class codes for workers compensation and defines 5221 as:

“The operations involved in the installation or repair of ground supported paving….including both concrete and asphalt paving as well as paving done with bricks and exterior paving done with bricks, blocks, paving stones, etc. The entry relative to interior wood block paving has reference to thick wooden paving blocks installed in factories and does not apply to normal interior wood flooring laying. The application of floor finish which involves mastic floor mixes or epoxy resins is assigned to Code 5221.”

If your business makes or erects forms, places steel for reinforcement, pours concrete or strips forms, then class code 5221 applies to your operations.

Concrete Class Code 5221 Activities


The following activities classify as code 5221 work, meaning that payroll for workers completing these tasks should be reported under this classification:

• Smoothing an area
• Installing weed block or bases made of gravel or sand
• Placing Forms
• Installing reinforcement rods
• Pouring concrete
• Applying asphalt
• Smoothing surfaces or making designs in concrete
• Removing Forms
• Placing expansion strips
• Installing curbs or gutters

Even site clean-up and moving of tools or equipment falls under this workers comp class code.

Basically any type of paving for floors, driveways, yards or sidewalks comes under this code including stone or brick paver installation.

In situations where companies have workers that also install landscaping around a paving project, the payroll for these workers would fall under class code 0042 – landscape gardening. All excavation and grading work in prep for these types of projects will often fall under code 6217.

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