Why Your Business Needs Workers Comp Insurance

Caroline VegaWorkers Comp Tips

Workers comp insurance for New York businesses

Workers compensation insurance is a system of laws outlining specific benefits injured employees are entitled to along with all the procedures for obtaining those benefits. Workers comp insurance is required for all businesses with employees. This coverage benefits both employees and employers. No one wants to lose their small business due to employee-related work injuries or the possibility of a law suit.

Each state (and sometimes federal law) regulate insurance coverage for small business operations. As an employer, you must follow the work-related laws specified by your state. For businesses with locations in more than one state, you must also abide by the other state regulations as they relate to employees that work in the additional locations or business organization.

Workers compensation insurance comes in handy when an employee gets injured on the job. It helps to cover medical expenses and employee’s lost work time. Each state also specifies regulations in regard to the work duties of employees, base pricing, experience modification formulas, preventative loss measures and more. Employers must check with their state to ensure that all requirements are met. Having an insurance agent or firm with knowledge about the governing laws of workers comp will save you a lot of time and money. Here at Enforce, we help you through the steps required to secure New Jersey and New York workers comp insurance that follows the state-specific workers comp laws.

Most business owners want to prevent law suits related to worker injury claims. Injuries occur when you least expect them. Fortunately, you and your workers can be at ease when accidents or illnesses occur since you understand what need to happen in the event of an accident.

Get your workers compensation insurance in NY, NJ or CT today. You’ll avoid being held liable for workplace injuries, and your employees will rest assured that they can go to a doctor for treatment when accidents happen. Give us a call today or submit your questionnaire for a free workers comp insurance quote.