NYS Workers Comp-The proper way to handle a claim

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NYS Workers Comp

NYS Workers CompHow Employers should handle a Claim

Employers and employees benefit from a well-handled NYS workers comp claim. For the employer, claim costs are minimized and workers return to work earlier. For the employee, certain costs are eliminated and wages can continue should an employee have to be placed out of work. Below are some steps an employer can take to make sure claims are properly handled on their end.
1. Report claims immediately. Delaying can result in fines and delay treatment and the payment of wages.
2. Employers must remember to investigate claims without intimidating the injured employee. The key is to only investigate. Once the initial investigation is done, the insurer can handle any sticky issues.
3. Employers should assist in securing authorized medical treatment.
4. Expediting paperwork related to lost wages is critical since workers need their paycheck.
5. Employers should also make sure they communicate with employees thoughout the process. There have been many cases where employees obtained an attorney due to a perception that their employer did not care.
6. Employers should work closely with physicians and the insurer to get employees back to work as soon as possible. In addition to decreasing the cost of a claim, there can also be some therapeutic benefit associated with going back to work.

NYS Workers comp provides medical treatment and continues the wages of injured employees. Following the guidelines above will result in employers properly handling injury situations and obtaining the best possible result for all parties involved

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