NYS Workers Comp Board Criticism or Crit Letter

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The NYCIRB or New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board is a division of the NY Workers Comp Board.  Their main function is to make sure carriers and insureds follow the Workers Comp Regulations, determine business classification,  provide statistical data, calculate and maintain experience modifications.

Many employers in NY State have received a CRIT or criticism letter from the board. In fact 878 changes were made to policies  in 2010 up from 494 changes in 2008. The NYCIRB inspected 14,351 businesses in 2010.  These inspections are usually scheduled with a business owner however some are random.   This inspection is performed to make sure the employers employees are properly classified and to make sure companies are using the class codes assigned to that business by the WC Rating Board.

If an inspector finds a misclassified employee or a misclassified business they will issue a CRIT or criticism letter to the carrier. This letter informs the carrier to change the policy in order to follow the guidelines set forth by NY Work Comp Law.  Often times this change results in additional premium to the insured. Unfortunately the Board is usually correct.  Sometimes mistakes are made and second inspection can be requested.

If your business has recived one of these letters or is confused about why this happened Contact Us and we can walk you through the necessary steps to correcting or understanding why this happened.

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