NY Trucking Insurance: Workers Compensation & Commercial Coverage

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NY trucking insurance

For NY trucking insurance, companies must purchase workers comp insurance even for those with independent contractor status. Here at Enforce Coverage Group, we offer a broad range of truck insurance programs with full customization to fit your requirements for owner operators, fleet owners & motor carriers.

NY Trucking Insurance: Types of Coverage

Fleet Owners – New York truckers that lease to motor carriers typically need workers comp coverage for drivers. Fleet owner lessees may find special plans to accommodate employees.

Motor Carriers – may purchase insurance packages that cover owner-operator teams as well as other drivers and clerical employees that work for them.

Owner-Operators – often need to carry workers comp policies for independent contractors in order to have the right coverage for their needs.

Other types of commercial trucking products

Trucking firms and owner-operators often need additional liability, accident, umbrellas and physical damage insurance coverage in addition to workers compensation insurance. We provide complete packages with liability, property, accident and employee coverage necessary to fully protect your trucking operations and personnel. Our insurance team will search for competitive rates to bring you the best value for your budget.

NY Workers Comp Classification Codes for Truckers

Here are a few of the October 2015 base rates for trucking and driver-related class codes:

0005 Nursery Drivers $2.92
0034 Poultry Farm Drivers $4.86
0042 Landscaping Drivers $7.00
1170 Mining Drivers $6.26
1320 Gas or Oil Lease Operator Drivers $9.26
1430 Lead Mfg. Drivers $7.30
1463 Asphalt Worker, Oil Refining & Roofing Prep Drivers $8.24
5545 Roofer: Drivers $25.79
7219 Trucking $12.54
8044 Furniture Store Drivers $3.93
8232 Lumberyard Drivers $7.76

If your trucking class code and rate are not listed above, please contact us via email or give us a call. We’ll assist you with finding the right insurance plans for protection of independent operators, fleet owners and motor carriers. We offer free review of your existing policy and competitive quotes from major, highly-rated insurance companies that offer trucking insurance in New York.