Concrete Construction Class Code 5213 Workers Comp

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New York concrete construction workers comp

In the latest workers comp insurance base rate changes concrete construction class code 5213 pretty much remains unchanged. The rate reduced by only 3 cents from $16.83 to $16.80.

WC Classification 5213 Defined

This classfication code applies to commercial concrete operations including the construction of buildings, locks, selfbearing floors, dams, foundations, grain elevators, piers and silos. It also includes form erecting, steel reinforcements and form stripping.

Additionally, precast concrete, guniting, exterior renovations and waterproofing also fall under code 5213. Job clean-up and equipment movement is also included when performed by contractor employees or uninsured subs.

Workers Comp Class Code 5213 Examples

  • Private Residences Concrete Construction
  • Concrete Igloo Construction
  • Swimming Pool Concrete Installation
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete Silo Erection
  • Precast Concrete Slab Installation
  • Concrete Cutting with Diamond Cutters

Code 5213 Exclusions

Permanent yard operations where equipment and materials are stored as well as concrete mixing in ready-mix trucks fall under class code 8227. Base rate as of October 2015 is $11.80 (decrease of 1.7 percent).

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