New York Truck Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

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New York truck insurance

Before buying New York truck insurance, it’s vital that you understand what coverage is necessary. You’ll also need to know what premium amount represents the average insurance cost for your operations. If you know what to look at when reviewing policies, and you ask the right questions, then you’ll be prepared to make the right decision for your insurance needs.

New York Truck Insurance Required by Federal & State Authorities

The United States Department of Transportation requires specific coverage for your truck. General liability insurance is mandatory in order to pay for issues you cause: any property damage or any medical treatment to injured parties.

New York State requires workers compensation insurance to cover lost wages and medical treatment for injured workers. Many insurance carriers offer premium discounts for truck insurance packages where business owners combine 2 to 3 different products like liability, disability and/or workers comp on the same policy. Additionally, shipping clients may also require coverage to protect cargo from damage.

Other Coverage Considerations for NY Workers Comp

Independent contractors or owner-operators may not be required to carry workers compensation insurance since there are no other employees involved in the trucking operations. However, self-employed truckers usually need accident, disability and health insurance for health and financial protection from the unexpected.

Additional NY Truck Insurance Needs

Most trucking companies also need commercial fleet coverage for uninsured motorist and personal injury protection. For non-trucking use, bobtail insurance protects from accidents when there is no revenue load haul.

Terminal owners also need terminal insurance policies for garaging trucks when not in use. Independent owners must insure the garage where they store their work truck when not in use.

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