Milk Products Manufacturing NY Class Code 2065 Rate Increase

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Milk Products Manufacturing NY Class Code 2065

NY workers comp class code 2065 for dairy and milk products manufacturing increased 30 percent effective October 2015. Base rates for other milk-related employee payroll also saw increases with the latest October round of manual rate changes by the NY Compensation Insurance Rating Board and New York State Department of Financial Services.

Class Code 2065 Milk Products Manufacturing

This workers comp classification involves the production of milk products including baby formula, evaporated milk, powder and dried milk. Companies that use the 2065 class code are also involved with the making of ice cream, frozen yogurt and ices. However, 2065 does not apply to butter or cheese production, which uses code 2070 instead.

Workers Comp Code 2065 Examples

Examples of this code include:

  • yogurt manufacturing
  • casein manufacturing
  • milk products manufacturing
  • condensed milk manufacturing
  • ice cream manufacturing
  • milk dehydrating
  • drying and breaking of eggs
  • egg white & yolk dehydrating

Manual Base Rates for WC Class Code 2065

Effective October 2015, the manual base rate is $7.20.

Related Class Codes

Class Code 2039 – ice cream manufacturing, drivers, cabinet installation & service, mobile vendors and ice manufacturing. Milk dealers and creamery operations use code 2070. October 2015 base rates for 2039 class code is $6.60 (29.9 percent increase).

Class Code 2070 – involves raw milk processing operations including pasteurization and homogenization; cheese and butter production. Examples of 2070 include dairy, creamery & route supervisors, cheese manufacturing, milk bottle exchange and milk dealers & supervisors. October 2015 base rates for 2070 increased from $6.38 to $7.76 (21.6 percent increase).