NY Workers Comp Rate Increase Restaurant Class Code 9071

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restaurant rate increase in New York for class code 9071

NY workers comp insurance rates for New York restaurants class code 9071 are going up effective October 1st by 15.3 percent. New York State raised the manual base rates for restaurants from $10.88 to $12.54.

Monthly premiums will follow suit as workers comp insurers adjust their premium rates to allow for the increase.

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Definition of NY Workers Compensation Class Code 9071

New York is the only state that uses class code 9071 for restaurants. It includes all restaurant establishments with wait staff including full-service restaurant operations, diners and buffets. Musicians that work in these establishments are also included under 9071. For fast food restaurants, New York assigns a different rating classification, 9072.

Other Considerations for Class Code 9071 and 8043

Retail stores that usually report under class code 8043 but also provide food service must report employee payroll in class code 9071 if any of their locations generate 50 percent or more of sales from food served and consumed on their premises. The term “food” for does not apply if the retail store serves ice cream and soft drinks.