Workers Comp Class Codes for Restaurants and Bars

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workers comp class code 9071 & 9072

No matter what type of restaurant or bar you operate, you need workers compensation insurance to protect your business and your employees. The state system’s for coverage provide workers comp class codes for every business with each industry oftentimes having several categories in which to assign their employees.

Workers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania share many of the same workers comp codes; however, the state of NY also uses class codes that other states do not.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, bar and restaurant owners can expect to assign workers into one of a few different classifications. Reporting payroll in the right category is important so that you don’t end up paying more than what you should and also so that you don’t under report and have to pay a large bill at the end of your policy year.

Industry Classes for Restaurant & Bar Workers Compensation Insurance

9071 – this class code applies to New York workers only. It includes establishments that provide wait services including full-service diners, buffets and restaurants. In some cases, the payroll for musicians that work in these facilities is also reported in the 9071 workers comp classification.

9072 – is another NY workers comp class code. It applies solely to fast food restaurants.

9058 – for hotels that own or operate restaurants, class code 9058 applies to employees who work as managers, servers, bartenders, cooks and kitchen help. Entertainers and musicians are also grouped in this workers comp code.

9084 – Establishments such as taverns, bars and nightclubs use code 9084 to report their worker payroll. This classification also includes any restaurant that receives more than 50% of their revenue from the sale of liquor, beer or wine.

9083 – in states other than New York and a few other exceptions, fast food restaurants use class code 9083. These are for food establishments that serve sandwiches, hamburgers pizza and tacos. Mostly, restaurants that do not receive any form of gratuity are classified as fast food.

9082 – other than class code 9071, which applies to New York workers, businesses with traditional wait staff use code 9082. Restaurants that have customers that leave tips for waiters and waitresses normally use this code to report their payroll.

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