Workplace Injury Prevention: Dealing with Slip & Fall Injuries in the Workplace

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Stop on-the-job accidents

As an employer, you must ensure that your employees have a safe working environment. If this is not provided, there are likely to be a lot of accidents and probably lawsuits that can turn out to be very expensive for the company. Slip and fall injuries are some of the common accidents at the workplace, and this guide will look at how to reduce workers compensation costs by preventing such injuries.

Start with Housekeeping
Housekeeping should be the first step towards workplace injury prevention. Ensure that spills are cleaned as soon as they occur and mark all slippery areas within the premises to ensure that your employees are cautious. Cables that are found along walkways must also be neatly tucked. If you can provide all these, then you will greatly minimize accidents.

Maintain Proper Lighting
Working in a poorly lit environment is the beginning of slips and falls within the company. Proper illumination is critical for walkways, staircase, basement and construction areas. In addition, you should also make it mandatory for employees to switch on lights when they walk in a somewhat dark area. Lastly, keep these lighting fixtures well maintained. In case bulbs and switches malfunction, have them repaired or replaced immediately.

Provide Proper Shoes
Wearing the wrong shoes at the workplace is a recipe for accidents. The shoes that you provide or advise your employees to wear must meet stringent requirements in terms of their soles and comfort. If you are working on workplace injury prevention, then ensure that heels are not allowed within busy production areas and educate the workers on the importance of wearing the right shoes.

Keep Aisles and Walkways Clear
Cluttered walkways and aisles are also some of the common causes of trips and falls at the workplace. The best way to achieve this is by keeping storerooms clean and tidy and encouraging all employees to avoid leaving boxes in aisles. To ensure that this is followed, carry out periodic inspections within the organization to identify potential problems and fix them before accidents happen.

Advice on Individual Behavior
Despite having all the mechanisms that you may put in place to prevent accidents at the workplace, it is also important to try and control the behavior of your employees. It is common for people to get distracted by cell phones and many other things. Therefore, find time to educate them on the importance of working in harmony and being attentive at the workplace and make them understand that it is for their benefit.

Avoiding falls within the workplace is possible but it requires your dedication and unending support for your employees. These guidelines can help you avoid footing hefty workers compensation charges while keeping your staff safe.

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