Workers Compensation Rate 7219, Trucking Gets 11.8% Rate Increase

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NY State Workers Comp Truckers classified under 7219 get a 11.8% rate increase on their 2017  policies.

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Definition-Applied to Trucking companies that haul general merchandise under contract for others.

Who Can Use it-In NY State,  Class Code 7219 is used by long and short haul truckers that transport products, merchandise, automobiles, freight and aggregate such as sand and gravel owned by others. The Trucks can be tractor trailers or dump trucks.  NY State Workers Compensation regulations define 7219 as an all inclusive class code meaning every one in the operation other than clerical and executives must fall under 7219. Several other specialty transportation company may apply and you should call Enforce Coverage to determine if you are classed properly.

Pricing The rate for class code 7219 has been on a steady climb for the last several years. Usually in the 10-14 dollar rate category it is one of the more expensive.  Truckers with a clean loss record and safety program can yield better than average rates.

Who’s Writing Workers Comp Coverage for Truckers- Truckers who feel that the New York State fund is their only option should contact us today to discuss specialty programs and carriers they like the class of business.