Workers’ Comp Insurance Class Code Rate For 8018: Store – Wholesale

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Who Does Workers Compensation Code 8018 Apply To?

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Wholesale (NOC) applies to insureds engaged in wholesale selling of general merchandise, including but not limited to groceries, books, candy, computers, household appliances, toys, and soft drinks. Stores engaged in wholesale or retail mail-order sales of merchandise are also included in class code 8018. Wholesale operations covered under Workers’ Comp class code 8018 include the assembling, sorting, and grading of goods; the maintenance of inventory, the breaking down and repackaging of bulk quantities, and the promotion of sales using an outside source.

This NOC class code means that any sales of merchandise otherwise classified are not included in Workers’ Comp class code 8018. Any store that sells merchandise described by a specialty store classifications does not fit under 8018. This includes such merchandise as automobile parts, clothing, drugs, dry goods, and meat, fish, or poultry.

Wholesale (NOC): Rates

Rates apply to Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York coverage. The current loss cost rate for 8018 is 8.07 in Connecticut, 6.93 in New Jersey, and 4.07 in New York. Every carrier has a different rate, so while these are standard rates for each state, the rate may be higher or lower depending on the coverage you obtain. More information regarding class codes and rates can be found on our website at

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