Workers’ Comp Class Code 4410 Rate

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Workers' Comp class code 4410

Workers’ Comp Class Code Rate 4410 For Rubber Manufacturing

Workers' Comp class code 4410Workers’ Comp class code 4410: Who Does It Apply To?

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NY Workers’ Comp class code 4410 applies to insureds engaged in the manufacturing of natural or synthetic rubber products which are not otherwise classified in the Basic Manual. This includes hard, soft, or liquor rubber. The operations covered under NY Workers’ Comp class code 4410 may involve a wide variety of processes including both hand and mechanical applications.

Workers’ Comp class code 4410 also applies to insureds that produce latex compounds and synthetic or natural liquid rubber latex and rubber goods. These goods include floor tiles, mats, hoses, belts, rubber heels and soles, rubber bands, foam rubber carpet pads, foam rubber cushions, and latex rubber gloves, among others. Rubber or plastic plating or coating of fabrics, metal vessels, containers and pipes is also included under NY Workers’ Comp class code 4410, as long as the work is performed by an insured whose business is that of rubber plating or coating. Similar operations that are not included under NY Workers’ Comp class code are rubber stamp manufacturing or assembly (class code 4299), rubber tire manufacturing (class code 4420), and synthetic rubber manufacturing (class code 4751).

NY Workers’ Comp Insurance 4410 Rate

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