Well Drilling Class Code 6204 Rates Decrease by 17.3 Percent

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Well drilling class code 6204 New York

Well drilling companies received a 17.3 percent decrease in workers comp base rates for their class code 6204. The rate decreased from $12.93 to $10.69 effective October 1, 2015. Because premium rates vary by insurance company, business owners should get competitive quotes for their workers comp insurance to make sure they have the best rates possible for their policies.

Class Code 6204 Defined

This WC classification applies to all types of drilling operations except for those related to oil and gas drilling. The most common use for workers comp code 6204 pertains to core sample and water well drilling. Other types of drilling typically fall under other class codes such as sewer construction, excavation, concrete construction and oil & gas wells.

Workers Comp Code 6204 Examples

Companies that use code 6204 include:

  • Water Well Drilling and Drivers
  • Artesian Well Drilling
  • Soil Test Drilling
  • Breaking Concrete
  • Iron Ore Exploration
  • Drilling of Holes & Grouting

Code 6204 Exclusions

Piping installation after water well drilling is assigned to class code 5183 for residential and class code 3724 for commercial pipes. Code 5183 manual base rates for October 2015 are $7.60 (increase of 2.4 percent), and rates for class code 3724 are $5.73 (a decrease of 13.7 percent).

Permanent storage of equipment and materials as well as equipment repair at a yard location falls under code 8227. The new base rate for class code 8227, Construction Permanent Yard, is $11.80.