Reducing Workplace Mishaps can Lead to Lower Compensation Premiums

Caroline VegaSafety

Prevent office worker injuries

Safety in the workplace is compulsory for any and all businesses. Safety audits are also performed on a regular basis to check if businesses are complying with mandatory rules and regulations. Despite strong security protocols, however, accidents and mishaps continue to soar at alarming rates. In fact, many employees are currently receiving Workman’s Compensation due to job related accidents and injuries.

Several employees have also filed lawsuits against former employers for not maintaining safe workplaces and venues. Whether for personal lawsuits or compensation, however, the burden of proof usually falls on the employee. To prevent unnecessary legal issues, it is vital to keep your business safe for all workers and customers.

Reducing Work Related Accidents

By keeping a safe workplace – that abides by all rules and requirements – you can significantly lower compensation premiums. With the cost of Workers Comp continuing to soar in this down economy, many businesses continue to feel the brunt of high payouts for current or former employees. While not all employees are eligible for compensation, many have actually experienced mild to severe work-related injuries.

This is especially true for workers in hazardous positions – that simply cannot afford to be out of work for extended periods of time. Another issue revolves around unscrupulous employees that file falsified claims just to receive Workman’s Comp. This is a serious infraction that can lead to hefty fines and even jail time. However, the employee still suffers because he or she will have to make initial payments while each individual case in investigated.

According to industry experts, the best way to reduce work-related accidents and legal issues are:

  •  Letting all employees know about new safety regulations and rules.
  • Hiring safety experts to ensure your business meets all safety requirements for workers and the public at large.
  • Monitoring all employees and customers via video surveillance systems – this will prevent and even catch any false claims of being injured in your place of business.
  • Meet all upgrades and suggestions as a result of your safety audit – safety experts will let you know which areas are fine, and which areas of your business need improvements in overall safety.

By implementing safety upgrades, you can truly protect your business from mishaps and accidents. This will help reduce worker comp premiums as well.