Reducing Workplace Accidents and Keeping Compensation Prices Lower

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injured workers have not benefited from 2007 workers comp reforms according to Workers Comp Alliance Report

Reducing Workplace Accidents and Keeping Compensation Prices Lower

Safety in the workplace is mandatory for any new or existing business. In fact, safety audits are performed regularly to ensure businesses are complying with compulsory rules and regulations. Even with taking all security measures, however, accidents are still bound to occur. During these instances, employees have the legal right to file for Workmans Compensation. However, the process can be lengthy and the burden of proof usually falls on the employee. To prevent unnecessary legal entanglements, most businesses do offer workers comp and insurance for those employees that were injured while on the job.

Reducing Workplace Accidents

For businesses that are paying high workers compensation premiums, relief is available. In fact, the cost of Workers Comp seems to have increased in recent years. This is due to a spike in unfortunate job related accidents and mishaps. While not all employees are of a scrupulous nature, most seem to have experience legitimate injuries while on the job. To prevent out of pocket expenses and future accidents, reducing the number of yearly accidents is imperative. This can help keep workers comp prices lower, while preventing other non-injured employees from falsifying claims and trying to milk your business out of money. According to industry experts, the best way to reduce accidents and insurance premiums are:

Notifying all employees and staff of new safety regulations and guidelines.

Hiring a safety expert to oversee your existing measures and safety precautions across the workplace (most employers usually receive subsidization and even financial returns on job place safety investments).

Checking all workplace video surveillance systems this lets staff and employees know they are being taped and monitored at all times.

Refortifying any susceptible areas with new security components (fall prevention, slip prevention, fire and smoke detection, flood prevention, etc.)

Ensuring all employees abide by ALL safety measure and guidelines in the workplace (goggles, gloves, boots, and any related job place safety gear and apparel).

By implementing a few safety upgrades and updates you can truly protect your business from accidents and mishaps. This includes accidents involving customers and clients, which have increased by 35% since 2015. For more information on reducing worker comp premiums and protecting your business, contact a local safety enforcement company today.