Plumbing Rates Rise for Class Code 5183 Workers Comp Insurance

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New York rates rising for class code 5183

Plumbers can expect a slight change to rates for class code 5183 workers comp insurance due to the recent round of rates changes put in place by the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB).

Manual base rates for workers comp class code 5183 Plumbers NOC & Drivers changed from 7.42 to 7.60, representing a 2.4 percent increase from October 2013 rates.

Definition of Workers Compensation Class Code 5183

The 5183 class code applies to plumbing companies that are not otherwise classified. Mainly, this is because another class code 5550 is used for installing or repairing heating or air conditioning pipes. Therefore, 5183 covers other plumbing duties such as installing pumps, lawn sprinklers, pipe & bathroom fixtures, sinks, faucets, hot water heaters and other plumbing-related tasks.

Plumbing contractors that also have shop operations are included in 5183 with shop defined as those operations that cut pipe, add threading or attach fittings. It also includes maintenance or repair of plumbing equipment along with site prep, pipe & fixture removal and new pipe and fixture installation.

Workers Comp Code 5183 Examples

Companies that utilize class code 5183 for their payroll reporting include such operations as:

• Air conditioning systems
• Installation & repair of boilers and steam pipes
• Furnace & chimney cleaning
• Hot water, steam, gas or oil burner furnace installation
• Lawn sprinkler installation
• Washing machine parts
• Pump installation
• Commercial refrigeration pipe fitting & installation
• Sewer cleaning (with portable equipment)
• Soda dispensers and pipe cleaning
• Gas station tank installation

Class Code 5183 Plumbing Exclusions

There are roughly 5 activities that some plumbing contractors and companies perform that fall under other categories. If your plumbing company performs these operations, it is important to classify payroll for activities under these alternate rate classification codes rather than 5183.

• Freight carrier system installation should use workers comp class code 3724
• Heat & air condition pipe installation falls under classification 5550.
• Auto sprinkler installs within buildings are rated under workers comp code 5188
• Job site equipment operations, maintenance and repair at permanent yards use code 8227
• Over-the-road vehicle repair & maintenance uses class code 8395

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