NYS Workmens Comp Code 5606 Contractor

Ed WinslowNY Class Codes

NYS Workmens Comp Rate for Code 5606 Construction Management 

Description: Code 5606 covers project manager, construction executive, construction manager, or construction superintendent of both specialty and general contracting jobs. The covered worker will spend some time in the office and the remainder of time visiting various job sites conferring with the job superintendent or foremen to keep track of the progress of the work being conducted at each job or project. The insured individual of a construction or erection concern must be exercising supervision through superintendents or foreman of the employer and cannot have direct charge over the workers at the construction or erection site. The important element is determining their job duties, not their title. The supervision the worker performs is indirect rather than direct.

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers compensation rates.

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