NYS Workmens Comp Code 5491 Paperhanging and Drivers

Ed WinslowNY Class Codes

NYS Workmens Comp Rate for Paperhangers code 5491 

Description: Code 5491 is applied to contractors engaged in wallpaper hanging. The types of work done: cleaning or scraping to ensure adequate adhesion to walls; applying adhesive to wall or paper or both; matching patterns and brushing smooth paper to remove air pockets. The types of paper can be lightweight or heavyweight, patterned or solid color wallpaper, with adhesive backings, or with vinyl coatings, grasscloth, etc. These papers are used to cover the interior walls of rooms in both residential and commercial buildings

Materials Used: any paper type mentioned above, paperhanging tools, adhesive, ladders

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers’ compensation rates.

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