NYS Workmens Comp Code 2916 Veneer Products Manufacturing

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NYS Workmens Comp Rate for Code 2916 Veneer Products 

Description: Code 2916 applies to the manufacture of products made from veneer but not the manufacture of the veneer used in such products. Veneer can be a thin layer of material, usually made of wood or plastic, which is used to cover the surface of another material. All veneer product operations are readily identified by the presence of a large amount of assembly work involving the combination of two or more surfaces to each other.

For veneer manufacturing refer to code 2915.

Materials Used: Wire stapling machines, wire hoop machines, clippers, table saws and punch presses for making metal parts are utilized in the manufacture of veneer barrels, baskets of woven veneer, wire staple baskets or wire staple fruit hampers of stripped veneer, tacked or wire staple berry boxes of sheet veneer and wire-bound fruit crates of stripped veneer with or without turned wood slabs or ends. Also taping, gluing, clamping and/or pressing machines are used to manufacture veneered products such as hardwood flooring, seats, panels, plywood, kitchen countertops, desk tops, sink tops, chalkboards, bulletin boards and furniture cores.

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers compensation rates.

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