NYS Workmens Comp Code 0401 Cotton Gin Operations, Local Managers & Drivers

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NYS Workmens Comp Rate for Code 0401 Cotton Gin Operations, Local Managers and Drivers

Description: Code 0401 applies year round (either ginning or dormant seasons). It applies to yard workers, weighers, seed or fuel haulers, local managers and drivers. It includes storage at the gin location or at a warehouse at a separate location within the state. It doesn’t matter whether the majority of cotton stored is owned by insured client or others. Code 0401 also applies to the re-ginning of fire and water-damaged cotton.

This code applies to processing or husking or debarking of fiber-type plants such as a feed mill,

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers compensation rates.

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