NYS Workers Compensation Code 2121 Brewery and Drivers

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Brewery class code 2121  NYS Workers Compensation Rate

 Who can use: class 2121 includes workers who participate all operations of a brewery also filling of various containers of beer or ale. Warehousing and distribution are also included as long as they are maintained at the breweries where the beer is brewed. This includes brewery employees who erect or repair signage used for advertising the product. Click here for updated rates 

This code does not include “Brew Pub” or restaurant workers who brew beer. See codes 9071 and 9072.

Materials used: the containers can be bottles, cans or kegs.

Pricing: Risks that prioritize a safe work environment will receive the best possible rates for Workers Comp in NY State. There are several options other than traditional channels. Enforce Can Help, call for details.

Who Writes it: Most private carriers as well as safety groups. Specialty carriers and programs for better than average risks