NYS Workers Comp Stone Cutting Class Code 1810 Rate For 2024

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NYS Workers CompNYS Workers Comp Stone Cutting 1810 rate for 2024

Description:  New York State has applied an immense increase to Workers Comp class code 1810 Stone cutting.  NYS  Workers Comp Class Code 1810 applies to stone cutting grinding, turning, carving, sandblasting and engraving, as well as polishing.  Both retail and wholesale monument stone cutting and manufacturing are assigned to this category.  Many other business establishments are affected by the rating of NYS Workers Comp Class Code 1810 Stone Cutting.

Materials: Covered materials under NYS Workers Comp Class Code 1810 Stone Cutting include granite, marble, slate, soapstone, steatite, alabaster and limestone.  As well as those materials not covered by another classification, and drivers.

NYS Workers Comp Stone Cutting Code 1810Pricing:

Pricing:  Part of the reason for this increase is that the Underwriting Committee of the NYCIRB has adopted revised assignments of classifications to hazard groups.  The New York State Department of Finance approved these revisions.  Class code 1810 has been assigned a Hazard Group rating “E”.  The hazard groups are based on levels of severity (A being lowest, and G being highest severity).  Rates range between $13.34 with the NY State Fund to as low as $10.26 per $100 in payroll with private insurance carriers.

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