NYS Workers Comp Rates 3632 For Machine Shops for 2024

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Class code 3632 Machine Shop NOC, For 2024

Description: NY Workers comp code 3632 applies to the manufacture or repair of machines as well as general machining jobs.

Materials and Equipment: Metal castings, forgings, bars, rods, flats, tubing, angles, pipe and pipe fittings, chains, sockets, gears, shafting, pulleys, hardware, sheet metal and some lumber.

Operations: Machine shop operations are typically consisting of sawing, centering, turning, boring, facing, reaming, shaping, milling, drilling, punching, grinding, threading, bending, forming, and welding.

Class code 3632  Machine Shop is a NOC class code or a “not otherwise classified” (NOC) code. This essentially means that unless a more specific manufacturing code exists the 3632 machine shop code would apply.  Please see the list below of specific manufacturing workers compensation class codes that are related to 3632 but not assigned:

3638 Ball or Roll Bearing Mfg. -3581 Fuel Injection Device Mfg. -3179 Electrical Apparatus Mfg. -3635 Gear Mfg.-  3146 Hardware Mfg. -3400 Metal Goods Mfg. -3132 Nut or Bolt Mfg. -3188 Plumbers Supplies Mfg. -3629 Precision Machined Parts Mfg. -3145 Screw Mfg. -3303 Spring Mfg. -3114 Tool Mfg. machined Forged -3113 Tool Mfg. Not Machine Forged -3634 Valve Mfg. – 3257 Wire Goods Mfg.

Pricing: NY Workers comp code 3632 Machine Shop – NOC rate has leveled off this current year.  This comes after a 20.4% rate hike in October 2009.

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