NYS Workers Comp Physicians Code 8832

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NYS Workers Comp Physicians Code 8832

Description: NYS Workers Comp Code Code 8832 is primarily intended to apply to medical providers that operate in a typical doctor’s office environment. The classification contemplates physicians, dentists, other employees providing medical services, domestics or other maintenance personnel engaged exclusively in cleaning or maintaining the portion of an insured’s premises used for professional purposes and clerical office employees. NYS Workers Comp Code 8832 applied to clerical operations, whether performed in the physician’s office or elsewhere, such as in a centralized location completely separate and apart from the areas where professional services are performed. Employees of a physician’s office that is located in a hospital, who are employed by the physician and not employed by the hospital, are properly classified to Code 8832. Professional corporations (P.C.s) engaged in operations described above are assigned to NYS Workers Comp Code 8832. Officers of the P.C. would, in most instances, be treated similarly to corporation officers of any other corporation. If these officers are covered by the policy, their pay, subject to maximum and minimum limitations, is included for premium computation purposes.

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NYS Class Code 8832 Physicians applied to Doctors’ offices, Doctors Offices in a hospital, all clerical employees working in that office. It applies to ophthalmologists, optometrists (not the retail Sales), physical therapists, weight control therapy, and psychologists.

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