NYS Workers Comp Code 8265 Iron or Steel Scrap Dealers and Drivers.

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NYS Workers Comp Rate for Code 8265 Iron or Steel Scrap Dealers 

Description: Code 8265 applies to dealers engaged primarily in collecting and handling scrap iron or steel scrap metal for resale to others. This material includes any metal alloy that is primarily composed of iron or varieties of steel, whether carbon steel or alloys of steel including stainless steel. The operations include compressing and baling scrap in presses for shipment and torch cutting for reduction purposes. Also included in this code are metal shredding plant employees if a fully automatic mill reduces stripped automobiles, refrigerators, boilers, etc., to small fragments and then magnetically separates the ferrous scrap from the non-ferrous scrap .

Materials Used: ferrous scrap metal, torches, metal shredding machines, baling equipment.

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers compensation rates.

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