NYS Workers Comp Code 5536 Air Conditioning and Heating Ductwork Both Shop and Site and Drivers.

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NYS Workers Comp Code 5536

NYS Workers Comp Rate for Code 5536 

Description: Code 5536 applies to fabrication of duct work both in the shop and on site. It also includes installation of the ducts, air handlers and blowers. It does not include the repair or service of previously installed units (refer to code 3737).

Materials Used: Sheet metal cutting and shaping tools; any carpentry tools for installation.

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers comp rates.

NYS Workers Comp Code 5536 increases explained:

The rates have increased an average of 9% for all NY Workers Comp rates.

NY State Code for Air Conditioning has had a slight increase in 2011 after a significant increase in 2010 you may want to consider shopping for competitive rates.  Select carriers in NY State like this class of business

NYS Workers Comp Code 5536