NYS Workers Comp Class Code – 2002 Pasta or Noodle Mfg Rates 2024

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NYS Workers Comp Class Code 2002 Pasta or Noodle Mfg. 

Description:  Pasta or Noodle Mfg NYS Workers Comp Code 2002 include the manufacturing of spaghetti, noodles, macaroni and other types of pasta using commercial grade kitchen equipment.  Common ingredients include water, flour and egg for noodle products.  NYS workers compensation class code 2003 Pasta Mfg covers pastas of all types of shapes and sizes.  NYS Workers CompJanuary 1 2011 NYS Workers Compensation Rating  Board approved of the addition of stuffed pasta such as ravioli, tortellini, manicotti etc. in code 2003 Pasta or Noodle Mfg. as opposed to 2003 Bakery & Drivers as it was done in the past.

Three stages of pasta manufacturing include:

Fresh Gourmet / Perishable Pasta – with limited shelf life

Dry or Packaged Pasta  -with extended shelf life

Frozon Pasta – with extended shelf life

Materials:    Commercial equipment such as dough kneaders, mixers, presses and packaging machines encompass.  Manufacturig ingredients include coloring, fillings and flavorings.

NYS Workers Comp 2002 Pasta or Noodle Mfg. Pricing:

Pricing:  Pasta and Noodle Mfg New York workers comp code 2002 has increased 15.3% in 2012.  This follows last years increase of 8.6%.  That’s a 23.9 % in the past two years.  Insurances carriers are willing to write Pasta manufacturers with favorable claims history.  Prices and rates range between NY State Fund rate of $6.26 to as low as $4.82 per $100 in payroll.

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