Workers Comp Claims NY,NJ,CT :Taking the Bull By The Horns

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injured workers have not benefited from 2007 workers comp reforms according to Workers Comp Alliance Report

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWorkers Comp Claims NY, NJ and CT: Taking the Bull By the Horns

If you are a business owner have you ever addressed the question: What do I do when one of my employees becomes injured at work? Most likely you are so busy juggling all the components that go into making a business turn a profit that you never think about these things. Unfortunately if you wait until that injury occurs to ask this question it’s most likely that you do not have the essential processes in place to properly mange this claim.

A good percentage of small businesses would say “That’s What I have Workers Comp Insurance for“. However just because you have a workers comp policy in place (you have to by law) does not mean that you have a claims management process written down and in place. Each business in New York , New Jersey and Connecticut should have a plan in place for when the injury occurs.

If not and you let the workers comp claim go directly to the carrier and end up in the workers comp system with out doing some essential upfront work you run the risk of losing hundreds to thousands of dollars. With the rise in the cost of health care and workers comp lost time benefits  doubling in the last four years carriers have to put enormous reserves on each claim right out of the gate which will  eventually negatively effect your experience rating which will negatively affect your over all costs.

Workers Comp Claims Taking the bull by the horns:

This starts with a proper claims reporting system. Keep it simple .  Each  reporting procedure  should be able to address the following questions: Do my employees know what to do if they get hurt at work? Do my line managers know what to do in case of an accident or injury?

Some simple steps to a proper Workers Comp reporting plan consist of  the following: Know what forms the carrier needs and have them on file.

  • Have one point of contact with the workers comp carrier we don’t want ten different managers dealing with adjusters.
  • Have an accident investigation plan the more details we can send the carrier on the claim form the better.
  • Keep in close contact with the injured worker. No one wants to feel stranded or abandoned especially an injured worker.
  • Have a return to work program. Injured workers are feeling vulnerable and most claimants want to get back to work. Be ready to clearly communicate this to the worker. Showing compassion and caring goes a long way.

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