NYC Workers Comp 9534 Mobile Crane Contractors Rates

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Class Code 9534 Mobile Crane Operators For 2024

Description: Code 9534 can be used by a  specialist mobile crane operator, hoisting or Rigging contractor for others. Their operations entail the moving and hoisting of heavy articles from the ground to upper stories of buildings from the outside or from the top down by use of cranes.

Materials Used: Cranes with long booms or block and tackle, chain, rope or wire cable

Who Writes it: Specialty Workers Comp carriers and the NY State insurance fund. This coverage is not easy to place but Enforce Coverage has Markets for safe Crane operators

Special Note: The contractor’s predominant class code can be used when mobile crane, hoisting or rigging operations are performed as part of an insureds day to day construction or erection operations for example Steel Erection NOC.

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