NYC Work Comp Rates for Class Code 8021 Meat, Fish, Poultry Wholesale

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Definition-Code 8021 is used on NY Workers Compensation policies for Meat, fish or poultry dealers involved in the wholesale distribution of fresh and cured meat, fish or poultry. Some of these dealers perfom raw preparation such as cutting the meat, fish or poultry into steaks, chops, roasts, fillets or poultry parts for sale to stores, restaurants, supermarkets and other retail markets.

Who Can Use it- Code 8021 applies to Wholesale Fish Dealers, Meat Dealers and distributors and Poultry Distributors, (Packing and Slaughter Houses cannot use this class code they use 2089)

Materials Involved- Some repackaging of the meat for distribution, Box trucks or Vans, Cold Storage, Under 500 mile distribution of the product

Who’s writing this coverage-Most private carriers as well as State insurance Fund Safety Groups. Businesses engaged in NY Work Comp 8021 class of business should consider shopping their policy for new rates every 2-3 years. For More information on select Insurance products for Class 8012 , definitions and rates for this class.

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