NY Workers Comp Self Reporting Payroll Report offered BY NYSIF

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NYSIF New Electronic Self Reporting Payroll Portal

The New York State Insurance Fund announced in their quarterly news letter “Work Comp Advisor” that they are rolling out a new electronic payroll self reporting portal on their web site.

In the beginning stages this will be available for insureds with $5000 in premium and less that fall under low risk classifications no construction or high risk accounts will apply in the beginning. This is a big step for the State Fund, it will allow its small accounts to essentially self report their year end payroll versus having a physical audit, however the State Fund does still have the right to complete a physical audit.


For High and low risk Companies Enforce Coverage offers carriers that allow the insured to report payroll every pay period. This gives companies both large and small the ability to eliminate the audit bill .

Contact Enforce for several solution available Pay as You Go Programs, Payroll Service Pay Go Workers Comp and Self reporting features for Large Risks. We can help you eliminate the year end guessing game.

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