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NY Workers Comp Rates  for Class Code 7390 Beer or Ale Dealer

NY Workers Comp Rate Beer Ale Distributor Once Again NY Workers Comp Rates increase substantially for class code 7390 Beer or Ale distributors across the state. Get the updated rates via link below.

NY Workers Comp Rates Increase Substantially for Class 7390 Beer or Ale Dealer What Companies use this code:

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NY Workers Comp Rates Code 7390 is used for dealers engaged in the wholesale distribution of beer and ale. These alcoholic beverages in bottles, cans or kegs are purchased by these insured’s from breweries or bottling firms.  The cases, cartons or kegs of beer or ale are usually placed in these dealers’ warehouses, some of which may have cold storage facilities, prior to being delivered to their customers, e.g., retail outlets, restaurants, bars, etc. This classification contemplates all warehouse employees, route supervisors, drivers and their helpers. Also, beer  or ale dealers’ salespersons who ride in the delivery trucks and take orders and make receipt are included in NY Workers Comp Rates class code 7390.

NY Workers Comp Rates Increase Substantially for Class 7390 Beer or Ale Dealer: who Write it:

Due to the complex nature of the NY Workers, Comp risks associated with Class 7390 Beer or Ale Dealer many carriers shy away from this type of business. There are risks around the internal warehouse, over the road exposure, heavy lifting exposure s and client site exposures that give Workers Comp carrier the creeps. However for safe Distributors or those that want to improve their track record, there are carriers that will write this class code besides the NY State Insurance Fund Safety Groups. NY Workers Comp Rates vary by the carrier by carrier so those businesses that are assigned class code 7390 are smart to go to the market every three years to ensure they are getting the best price for their comp. Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your coverage and your Cost containment strategy for your NY Workers Comp Rates.

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