NY Workers Comp Rates Increase again!

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NY Workers Comp rates

NY Workers Comp Rates For 2024

NY Workers Comp board has increase the rate yet again for 2024

Workers Comp costs have been a consistent burden for the small business owner in NY.  Increased benefits to injured workers as well as increased medical costs have been driving the cost of workers comp insurance since 2008.  In NY State it is the law to carry workers Comp however many small companies struggle to make those payments.

New York State Insurance Department recently approved an increase in the NY Workers Comp base rate of workers compensation.  Companies with a sound loss history can receive substantial savings with us.

Each carrier has a different Workers Comp rate and safe companies can obtain better pricing.

NY Workers Comp Rates: Click Here

Enforce Coverage Group specializes in NY workers comp rates and coverage for contractors, restaurants, manufacturers, trucking companies and more. Additionally, we are licensed in New Jersey and Connecticut and provide the same level of service for our clients in those states and in New York. We are expanding our scope of services to include coverage for clients nationwide.

Many of our new customers had previously been overpaying and underinsured. If you take a look at or NY Workers Comp rates tables you will find there are hundreds of classification codes and various rates. Not all carriers provide cost-effective coverage for every classification codes. Carriers tend to specialize in providing workers comp by category based on their perceived risk.

We help our clients with the best carrier for their business at the most opportune pricing and coverage.

If you need NY Workers Comp rates and coverage call us today for a no-obligation quote.

NY Workers Comp rates