NY Workers Comp Rates For Saw Mills Code 2710

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Code 2710 Saw Mills Workers Comp Rate for 2024 

Definition: Code 2710 applies to companies that saw logs into desired lengths to produce rough lumber by use of circular carriage or band saws. It applies to all stationary or portable Saw Mills In NY State. It is assigned to employees operating circular carriage or band saws in logging. Chip harvesters and other similar machinery have been considered analogous to portable sawmills. Note If employees are engaged in Logging and falling of trees the applicable Logging Code 2702 Logging or Lumbering applies.

Materials Used : Rough Lumber, circular carriage, band saws, and Chip harvesters

Who can write this: Specialty Workers Comp carriers, Private Carriers, and The State Fund

Pricing: NY Workers Comp is based on a Loss Cost System and rates Vary by the carrier and their appetite for risk.

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