NY Workers Comp Rates For Sand and Gravel Digging Code 4000

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Sand and Gravel NY Workers Comp Code 4000 For 2024

Definition: NY Workers Comp Code 4000 is used for contractors that dig or dredge sand or gravel. The material is excavated from surface pits with the necessary power machinery(see materials used).  The sand is then conveyed from the bank, pit or dredge to hoppers by trucks, belt conveyors, narrow-gauge railroads or pipelines.

It is then washed, graded, screened and stored in bins, hoppers or piles for delivery by truck or rail to customers. Quarry operations that actually crush stone are classified separately under 1624 Quarry operations. Excavation for fill dirt and digging of stone specifically for a stone crushing plant has also been placed under Code 4000.

Materials Used: Sand, Screened Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone, mechanical equipment such as power shovels, draglines, clamshell diggers or cranes, hydraulic dredges and clamshell dredges.

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