NY Workers Comp Rates for 2016

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New York workers comp

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The NY Workers Comp Board and Insurance Department set the rates for New York workers compensation insurance. Employers report their payroll using the employee class codes for workers’ specific job duties or industry classification.

Often, workers comp policies have incorrect class codes, which wind up costing employers hundreds and potentially thousands in additional premiums every year.

With over 700 unique class codes available, it is important that your business classify payroll correctly to avoid overpaying on your coverage.

The following rate sample shows class codes with the NYS base rates effective October 2015. Employers may not qualify for the lowest rate available.

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New York Workers Comp Class Code

0042 Landscaping  $5.13
0106 Tree Pruning  $11.08
2883 Furniture Mfg.  $5.13
3018 Iron or Steel Mfg  $12.48
3632 Machine Shop  $3.79
3724 Machinery Repair  $5.73
3726 Boiler Install or Repair  $16.39
4420 Rubber Tire Mfg $12.65
4452 Plastics Mfg  $4.47
5000 Chimney Construction  $33.24
5022 Masonry  $17.63
5183 Plumbing  $7.60
5184 Auto Sprinker Installation  $9.29
5190 Electrical Work  $5.74
5213 Concrete Construction  $16.80
5221 Concrete Flat Work  $12.02
5223 Swimming Pool Construction  $10.94
5348 Tile Installation  $7.71
5403 Carpentry $13.96
7380 Drivers  $10.11
7390 Beer or Ale Dealer  $10.88
8293 Storage Warehouse  $14.46
9014 Janitors  $6.30
9052 Hotel  $4.11

New York workers comp

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